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Service & Accessorial Note: Our primary business is the delivery of LTL Furniture much quicker than our competition. As part of this goal, we always want and need the cooperation of our customers. These charges are based on the reality that their corresponding service has an added cost to this company. Although these charges may not be implemented in every case, 4T West, Inc. reserves the right to add these at any time. These charges may also be added by the originating or final freight carrier. As a Four Truckers Nationwide Inc. Partner Carrier, their agreements, contracts and/or charges will apply.



Less Than Load (LTL) -  Fifteen Minutes free time will apply, and all additional hours will be charged at $100.00 per hour, prorated every quarter hour, up to a maximum of $500.00 per day. A $50.00 minimum will apply. Detention will not accrue during active loading or unloading

Truckload (TL) One hour free time will apply, and all additional hours will be charged at $100.00 per hour, prorated every quarter hour, up to a maximum of $600.00 per day.


Appointments: In the quest to reduce time and cost of freight to and from our customers, appointments are discouraged. A minimum $50.00 charge will apply.


Notification: We attempt to contact all customers before delivery when needed. A notification fee of 8.50 will apply.


Storage: Customers unable to receive product when offered will be responsible for all storage charges associated with warehousing the product at Origin or Destination. A minimum charge of $25.00 will be applied and $1.00 per hundredweight, per day up to a maximum of $500.00 per day.


Redelivery Charge: Will be at the applicable local delivery rate, if at no fault of the    

carrier. $50.00 minimum charge. Larger than minimum deliveries may also be charged unloading/reloading or detention


Re-consignment Charge: $35.00 minimum charge per shipment will apply if it is made

prior to loading. If required after it has been loaded, all cost associated with unloading,

re-routing, re-delivery will be added to the minimum charge.


Non-Truck Access: All cost associated with facilitating a delivery, where we are unable

to make a delivery due to restrictions out of our control will be added to the applicable

rate. If practical may arrange to pickup at our nearest service center.

Pup or 40’ Required - $50.00 min added or 125% of freight charges, whichever is greater

Straight/Bobtail Required - $50.00 min added or 150% of freight charges, whichever is greater


Non-Dock Charge: $25.00 will be charged when a receiver has no dock and carrier is

carrier required to unload to ground level (In short - Help or Pay).


Alternation Rule: Will be used when a lower rate is achieved by using the next higher

weight break, or whenever the truck-load rate is less than the LTL rate.


Combination Rule: When more than one shipment is picked up the same day from the

same plant going to the same customer, the shipments will be combined and rated as one



Stop-Charge: On stop truckloads, a $150.00 stop-charge will apply per stop for each

stop other than the final delivery, and all circuitous miles will be used to calculate the

total rate.


Shippers C.O. D: Must be clearly requested on the bill of lading. Who will pay for the service, and a customers check will only be accepted when notated on the bill of lading, otherwise, cash, certified check, or money order will be accepted. A $25.00 minimum charge fee will be applied on the first $1,000.and an additional $20.00 on each thousand dollars or portion thereof over that.


Inside Delivery: Will be provided if requested in writing, and it is a commercial location

and is located on the first floor, or multi-floor if they have a freight elevator, and can be

made with reasonable risk and effort. The minimum charge is $30.00, and an additional

$5.00 per hundredweight over 250 pounds, prorated per 50 pounds.


Residential Delivery: 4T West, Inc. will schedule a curb side residential delivery if we can practically and legally get a truck to the location. There is a $100.00 charge for this service. 4T West, Inc. will not uncrate or setup inside a residence. If a customer needs full service inside delivery and setup, we can help facilitate the service through one of the many in-home delivery companies we work with. Reconsignment and/or redelivery charges my apply if shipment is in route.


Resort Delivery:  $10.00 per Hundred Weight will apply and be added to any other rates that are applicable (Tahoe Basin - Mammoth).


Vehicle Requested, But Not Used: $250.00 minimum charge, $2.50 per mile for all miles run.


Fuel Surcharge: Will apply using the Four Truckers scale which is based on the

Department of Energy National or West Coast Fuel Index Average updated each Monday, and adjusted the following Wednesday of each week.


Receiving Hours: Our Services are based on deliveries to Commercial Receivers, during Normal Business Hours. Five days a week, eight hours a day. When a receiver has reduced hours or days of receiving, your freight may be delayed. Our trucks service areas based on freight volume and maximum service times. If your company receives on Saturdays, please let us know.